Big Baby in the Hood Jacket

Baby in the Hood Jacket

Kids Clothing Week Challenge has been running for 5 days now and this is the first thing I’ve got to show you. I loved taking part last time and had high hopes for this week but, for various reasons, haven’t managed to do much so far. I’ve spent a lot of timing thinking about sewing, writing about sewing on here and even went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace yesterday. I just haven’t actually had time to do a lot of sewing. Earlier today we went to the park.

Baby in the Hood Jacket Collage

Baby in the hood collage 2

I am cheating slightly as I sewed most of this jacket before KCWC started but I finally finished it this week so I’m sneaking it in anyway. The pattern is from the book ‘Handmade Beginnings’ by Anna Maria Horner, which is a beautiful book that I wish I’d got a lot sooner. I bought it after seeing lots of lovely versions of the quick change trousers, including these ones from Corey. When I looked through the book though I instantly fell for the ‘Baby in the Hood Jacket’. I’m not quite sure if Rowan counts as a baby anymore – at what age do they stop being babies? If he does still count then he’s certainly a big baby. The largest size for both patterns is 18-24 months, so I needed to move quickly as Rowan is already in this size. Before I traced the pattern I searched for some other versions and found that the sizing tends to run quite short. I’d already suspected this and, after comparing it to another jacket, I decided to add a whole 3″ to the length. This seemed like a lot but now it’s finished I actually wish I’d added 4″ as I absolutely love the jacket and want him to be able to wear it for as long as possible.

Baby in the hood jacket front

Baby in the hood back and hood

The main fabric is Happy Drawing Elephants from Cloud 9 fabrics and the placket and hood stripe use the co-ordinating Squiggle in Blue from the same collection. The button loops are made with some Squiggle in Grey. I ordered all of them a while ago from Hawthorne Threads along with a few other Happy Drawing prints. To make the inside extra cosy I used some ultra soft multi dot flannel that I ordered from here. I found sewing the hood pieces together very tricky. It was ok below the notch (down towards the neck) but above the notch the stripe piece seemd a bit short. I think it would have helped to have two notches. I also had a lot of trouble with the sleeves and each one took at least two attempts but I was a bit out of practice with woven fabrics so it’s probably just me. The flannel lining was a lot easier to work on all the difficult bits and I’m looking forward to sewing with it more.

Baby in the hood jacket roundabout

When I first showed Rowan the jacket he kept signing elephant and was very happy to put it on. I am so happy how it turned out and it fits him really well although he coudn’t have many layers underneath it. He opted to accessorise with a gold medal today, left over from Casper’s recent Olympic Birthday Party (which I’ll be writing about soon). Watch out – next he’ll be showing off his hairy chest. Unfortunately there’s no photo with him wearing the hood because he refuses to wear it. I was really pleased to find this hat still fits him though so that’ll have to do instead. I’d definitely make it again, although next time I’ll have to try and increase the size to a 2T.

Baby in the Hood on Slide

Hopefully I can be a bit more productive in the last three days of KCWC. If you haven’t looked already the Elsie Marley Flickr pool is packed full of inspiring kids clothes. I’m certainly not short of ideas so we’ll have to see what I can manage – I’m off to sew now.

Baby in the hood jacket back view

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21 Responses to Big Baby in the Hood Jacket

  1. Jane says:

    I love this jacket!!!! I made this for Henry when he was just about a year old…my first real pattern made! and my first blog post too! 😉 I borrowed the book though so only ever got one pair of the pants and the jacket made :( but Henry is still wearing his pants…although they are definitely getting to be too small :( Great job! I love your fabric choices!! Adorable pictures! :)

  2. Jane says:

    oh, boy, sorry wow, that’s a lot of smiley faces!

  3. gail says:

    loooove your version of this jacket! and grateful for the tip on adding length, that’s good to know. also glad to know i wasn’t the only one who had trouble getting that pesky hood stripe right! it really is a cute little jacket and a great design. and those elephants are darling :)

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Gail. Your version is gorgeous and it’s extra cute in the tiniest size – I bet you can’t wait to get your new baby in it. The hood stripe was soooooo frustrating.

  4. kristin says:

    cuuuuuuute! love the elephants and thanks for the tip on lengthening! might need to try that!

  5. abby says:

    oh, I love how it turned out! You’re really making me want to make one up.

  6. Corey T says:

    Thanks for the shout out in your post Laura! I was hoping you would join KCWC this time around.
    The jacket turned out great! I’m a huge fan of the Ed Emberley prints you chose from Cloud 9 – the grey and blue are perfect together.
    Can’t wait to see what you make next…

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Corey. He he, your quick change trousers with the bears are my favourite version, I was tempted to get the same fabrics and just completely copy them :) I bought quite a few of the Ed Emberley prints and now they’re bringing out Happy Drawing Too! The first collection is my favourite though.

  7. Inder says:

    I love this pattern and made one for Joe when he was that age – unfortunately it only fit him for a few months, especially because I didn’t think to lengthen it, so it was too short from the get-go. But that hood looked SO CUTE on his chubby little face. So adorable. I’m excited about the pattern for bigger kids and considering making another one for him. Also, I must do one for Maggie (although she will also get Joe’s hand-me-down). It’s just too cute to pass up!

    • Laura says:

      If only he would wear the hood – he pulls it off straight away. So Baby in the Hood is not quite true – doesn’t he realise how cute it looks? Obviously not. Maggie will look adorable in one with her little chubby cheeks.

  8. sascha says:

    Love it! I was contemplating getting her release of the larger pattern for this jacket and now I know I have to. I forgot how stinkin’ cute it is. Love the fabric combination.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Sascha, I really liked all the versions you made so I’m looking forward to seeing you make some new ones in the bigger sizes.

  9. Emily says:

    Such a darling coat!! Is the body of the jacket lined too?

  10. Karen Court says:

    Absolutely love this jacket too and yours looks amazing and very professionally made :). Great tip about adding extra to the length. Did you add any extra to the sleeves as well, or just the body of the jacket? I’m about to make this for my little boy who is turning 1 in a couple of weeks :). Thanks.

    • Laura says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for your comment. This is one of my favourite things I’ve made and it still just fits my son, not for much longer though. I honestly can’t remember if I added length to the sleeves, I don’t think I did but I can’t be certain. I would suggest comparing the sleeve piece to a jacket that fits your son well – don’t forget to allow for the seam allowance at the top of the piece and the hem allowance at the bottom. Try to make sure the sleeve piece is longer to allow room for growth. Good luck, it’s such a lovely pattern.

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