Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern Tour: Day 1

The Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern Tour kicks off today and today’s guests have certainly made sure it hits the ground running. For the duration of the tour (until the 15th of March) you can get 20% of the pattern – use the discount code TOUR20. You can buy the pattern here.

First up we have Brienne from Handmade by Brienne. I only discovered Brienne’s blog recently but immediately fell in love with her unique style and gorgeous colour combinations. She was one of the latest team of guest posters for the KCW blog where she shared some really interesting and thought provoking posts. I absolutely love these jeans she’s made for today!

Handmade by Brienne

Karly from Paisley Roots is one of the most genuinely lovely people you could hope to come across. On top of that she is amazingly talented and just won the last season of Project Run & Plan. Her signature look even featured a pair of Small Fry Skinny Jeans. She has five children and manages to find time to sew fantastic outfits for all of them and for herself – and design patterns too. I can’t wait to read more about the jeans she’s made for today – and how amazing is that backdrop?

Paisley Roots

Today’s last guest is Rebekah from RebekahSews. Although her blog is very new Rebekah is already well known for her amazing clothes and the beautiful pictures she takes of them. I was very lucky to have Rebekah as a tester for the skinny jeans, where she sewed up a pair for her adorable baby girl. Today it looks like she’s outdone herself and made some for each of her three children.


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Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern Tour

Starting this Monday many of my favourite bloggers will be sewing up their own versions of the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. I can’t wait to see what they’ve all made and I’m sure you’ll be excited with this line up. You can click on each blog name to visit the blogs (right click if you want to open in a new tab).

Paisley Roots RebekahSews Handmade by Brienne If Only They Would Nap Mingo & Grace La gang à Nat Lexi Made Sutures & Sandpaper Elsie Marley Probably Actually Groovybaby and mama 2 Little Hooligans Sew Jereli Kitschy Coo Sew a Straight Line A Jennuine Life Lauren Dahl Miss Matatabi Welcome to the Mouse House Things for Boys Skirt As Top sewpony Charming Doodle EmmylouBeeDoo Caila Made Heidi and Finn Max California Petit à Petit and Family Sewing Like Mad I Seam Stressed

I have a coupe of other things to share as well.

1. I recently added a new feature to all of the Titchy Threads patterns. The latest versions of the patterns use PDF layers, which allows you to select only the size(s) you wish to print. Previously my patterns were all nested so this is great for those of you who prefer to only print one size. The photo below shows one page of the smaller sizes of the Small Fry Skinny Jeans where just one size is selected.


You can read more about it here. Those of you who purchased the pattern through the Titchy Threads website will already have the latest versions of your patterns waiting in your account. If you purchased anywhere else then please email me at with proof of purchase.

2. I have been working hard behind the scenes with my friends at Willow & Co. We shared some details about the patterns from our first collection earlier this week. Can you guess which one is mine? You won’t have to wait too long as we’ll be back on Monday to let you know. We will be asking for pattern testers soon so make sure you sign up to the newsletter if you are interested in testing any of the patterns.

So there’s lots to look forward to on Monday. I will be back then to introduce the first three bloggers on the pattern tour.

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What Would Celina Do?

Outfit Inspired by What Celina Would Do

Good morning! I have been involved in a super secret and fun project with some blog friends over the last few months and today we finally get to share it with everyone. I will share more about the outfit you can see in the photos later in the post, along with a free template for the rabbit hoodie appliqué pieces. First I need to explain a bit more about this project.

Rabbit Hoodie and Dip Dye Sweatpants Inspired by Celina

It all started last September when I was chatting with my friend Toni-Maree. Our friend Celina of Petit à Petit and Family had just posted about 8 different posts in one week, all amazing, and we were wondering how she manages it all. I joked that we should make ‘What would Celina do?’ our new motto and then it dawned on me that we could turn it into a series. I messaged some other people to see what they thought and the reaction from everyone was so positive. There are a lot of people who admire Celina’s unique style.

The idea was for everyone to make something inspired by Celina – a pretty general brief that they could interpret in many ways. It could mean following one of Celina’s many different tutorials, using an outfit or pattern remix she’d made as a starting point or maybe creating a video tutorial or an animated gif like Celina has in the past. If you were still struggling for ideas then it would be impossible not to be inspired by the first issue of Stylo magazine, which Celina and Jess launched last month. It has been such a pleasure to see all of the photos over the last few days. As you can see from the collage below we all went off in slightly different direction but I think you can see Celina’s influence in every single project. You can click on every image below to be taken to that blog (right click if you want to open in a new tab).

Image Map

We also created a shared Pinterest board that has been private until today. It gives you a great idea of her style at a glance.

I feel very lucky to count Celina as one of my best friends. She is so incredibly talented, yet so humble, generous and encouraging to everyone. This will probably come as a very big surprise to her – hopefully a good one!. We were also a bit sneaky and arranged for her to take part today. Celina was asked to post on her own blog today as part of the Signature Style series that Olga is pretending to run! You can click on the image below to see Celina’s own take on her signature style. The image alone shows just how creative Celina is.

Celina's signature style

So now I will share more about the outfit I made. I’ve listed some of the details below.

Rabbit Hoodie and Dip Dye Sweatpants Outfit Details

It took me a long time to decide what to make but Celina is the master at pulling things off at the last minute so I didn’t mind that. I always wanted to incorporate dip dye into as that is a feature Celina has used a few times (here and here). I used the Banyan Trousers pattern from Figgy’s but used sweatshirt fleece – like Celina did in this post where she pulled together 5 outfits! I also made similar adjustments to Celina – I used size 4/5, narrowed at the ankle to a size 2/3 and lengthened to size 6/7. I left the cuffs off and just hemmed regularly. The fleece was white and I sewed or basted all the pieces together, leaving off the contrast inner pocket lining as I didn’t want to dye that part. I then sewed the pocket sections and finished off the side seams after dyeing. It was actually the first time I’d ever used fabric dye and I’m not really sure why I waited so long. I would have liked the bottom to be a bit darker but overall I’m pretty happy with them and Casper loves them.

Rabbit Hoodie and Dip Dye Banyan Sweatpants

For the other part of my outfit I was inspired by this bear hoodie. Instead of recreating the bear I decided to create a similar hoodie for a rabbit. They are Casper’s favourite animal and I wanted to take his preferences into account as then he’s more likely to wear what I’ve made. The pattern is my own and is the kids version of the Jade Hoodie I made for myself recently. The three part hood is perfect for attaching the ears. I just basted them in place on the sides before sewing on the centre section.

I have a free template for you to download, just like Celina did with her post. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

I don’t have a separate tutorial as you can follow Celina’s instructions for the Bear Hoodie and just adjust them slightly for the different pieces. The ears on mine are attached a bit differently as I used a different style of hood but you could do them the same way as Celina did. To sew the ears you need to cut one piece in your main fabric and one in the lining fabric for each ear, then sew together along the two curved sides with wrong sides facing using a 1cm (3/8″) seam allowance. Turn through the gap at the bottom. For the mouth and the detail below the nose I used topstitching thread and sewed it on my machine. You could embroider it if you prefer.

Rabbit Hoodie

I am so happy with this outfit and it’s definitely one of my favourite things that I’ve made. I really enjoyed being pushed in a slightly different direction.

Dip Dye Banyan Sweatpants

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Shades of Me: Jade Hoodie

Jade Hoodie by Craftstorming

Today I am joining in with Shades of Me, a sewing series hosted by Celina from Petit a Petit and Family and Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House, two very talented ladies who I am lucky to call friends. You can see the rest of the amazing line up below….

Image Map

I was lucky to get the colour green – it’s one of my favourite colours for clothes. After my initial enthusiasm I became slightly daunted and unsure about what to make. The first thing I tried was a bodice of the Darling Ranges Dress. It’s a pattern I’ve wanted to make for a while and I already had some lovely green fabric with gold dots put aside for one. Unfortunately, there were some big fit issues and, although I will definitely make one at some point, I didn’t really have time to work out the necessary alterations. I thought about it for a while and it occurred to me that hoodies are my favourite thing to wear and since this outfit is meant to represent me this would be the perfect thing to make.


I have slightly cheated as my whole outfit isn’t green but there was no chance I was going to make my own snowboarding trousers. At least my jacket is green!


I spent last week snowboarding in France so took the opportunity to get the photos while I had some beautiful surroundings. I did feel quite ridiculous posing at the side of a piste but it was worth it for the views. I’m afraid you’re only getting pictures of me with goggles on because the alternative was me squinting at the camera. We timed these pictures perfectly as about an hour later it clouded over and stayed that way for the rest of the holiday.


The pattern is my own. I found the jade green sweatshirt fabric on Amazon UK and already had the ribbing and pocket fabrics. This is a design I’ve had planned for a long time now so I really enjoyed making it a reality. I spent extra time adding some of my favourite details. It has raglan sleeves with side panels and the cuffs have thumb holes. There are inseam pockets where the side panels meet the front and the pockets have French seams. The lined three part hood is so cozy. I’m going to have to make another one of these soon as I’ve been wearing this one so much. I will be releasing this pattern for women and children a bit later in the year.




We had such an amazing week away and I already wish I was back there but I am very happy to have these photos as a reminder.



Also joining me with their own green outfits today are Mie from Sewing Like Mad and Karly from Paisley Roots. Make sure you check out their posts too! Finally, don’t forget to enter the amazing giveaway (below) that Hayley and Celina have organised! It’s worth over $1000!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Small Fry Skinny Jeans: Tester Round Up

This post is long overdue for a variety of reasons. I’ve been very busy the last few weeks – a lot of my time has gone towards my first pattern for Willow & Co. The whole process has been very collaborative so it’s been an enjoyable change since I’m usually working on my own.

Another thing I’ve been working on is my outfit for Shades of Me, a sewing series that my friends Celina and Hayley are co-hosting. Have you been following so far? There’s a sew along and some amazing prizes. I got the colour green so you will see what I’ve made on Thursday.

I also had a little break and spent last week snowboarding in France. It was such an amazing week and we only got back yesterday. I used to snowboard all the time before I had children but this was the first trip in a long time. It was so lovely to see Casper’s enthusiasm for skiing and I think he’s as keen to go again as I am.

I had such a wonderful group of ladies who signed up to test the Small Fry Skinny Jeans, even though it was over the Christmas holidays. Their feedback was invaluable in making sure the final pattern was as good as it could be. If this post tempts you to make some then you will find the pattern here.

Rebekah made some for her gorgeous daughter and paired them with a Little Kid Kimono. She recently started a blog called Rebekah Sews and her photography is amazing.


Alexia from Lexi Made made this amazing pair for her son. She is another very talented photographer and I was very jealous of the snow when I first saw this picture.


Huge congratulations to Karly from Paisley Roots. She was just announced the winner of the latest season of Project Run & Play. She used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans in her amazing final signature style post. Karly also has an amazing giveaway open at the moment to thank everyone for all the support she received.


Kerry from Sutures and Sandpaper has been making excellent use of her new embroidery machine. I love the colour of this pair as well. Kerry wrote about them here.

PicMonkey Collage

This lovely pair of shorts were made by Sara of Sara Made, who wrote about them here. They are also a gorgeous colour and I really like the lining too.


April found a wonderful herringbone stretch denim for her son’s jeans. You can read more here on her blog, Modern Handmade.


Erin from Crafty Biggers managed to convince her daughter to stop wearing lounge pants with this rock star pair. She even co-ordinated the button with the top.


Amy of Friends Stitched Together has made 7 pairs already! I would love to get hold of some of this amazing fabric that she used for her first pair. You can read more here and find all her other skinny jeans posts here!.


Magda from House of Estrela made this cute pair for her nephew as part of her PR&P sew along for the ‘Let’s Go To The Movies’ theme.


Huisje boompje boefje already won the sew along for the free 2T version of the skinny jeans. I love how she dresses her boys and check out her son’s posing in the post.


Linda of Sew Happily Ever After found some adorable heart denim for her pair, which she blogged about here. These will be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

camo pants 013

Diana from La Modista de Atenea has made two amazing pairs for her daughter, which you can read about here and here. Isn’t she cute?



Candy made her little guy a pair. He’s wearing them over cloth nappies in this photo.


Jennifer shows how cool they look in red denim, as modelled by her adorable son.


Alison from Lollygarden made a great feature of the pockets by using a contrast fabric. I love the gorgeous blue colour of these shorts!


Theresa tested one of the baby sizes. She wrote about them on her blog, Grammie’s Dolls.


Erica from Lollipops & Paisley made this amazing pair, with perfect topstitching, for her son. She wrote about them here.


Tasha of I Seamstressed made some for her baby boy. He looks sooooo cute in his shorts!


I would like to say a huge thank you to these ladies and all of my other testers.

If you’ve made any Small Fry Skinny Jeans yourself then don’t forget to add your photos to the Titchy Threads Flickr group. I’ve got a pattern tour arranged for March and can’t wait to reveal the amazing line up soon.

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I’m a KNITerviewee

A few years ago I discovered the ‘Celebrate the Boy’ series run by Rae and Dana. At the time I didn’t sew but, as a mum of two boys, this series really struck a chord with me. Not longer after this I started learning how to sew and I haven’t stopped since. I was therefore very excited – and surprised – when Rae asked me to join her latest series of the KNITerviews. If you’d like to read some of my tips and see past projects I’ve made with knits then you can read my KNITerview here.


I really do love sewing with knits, often more than with wovens. The picture above shows the very first thing I made with knits. It wasn’t perfect but I was so happy with it at the time. If you haven’t tried sewing with knits yet then just give it a go.

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Small Fry Skinny Jeans: Full Pattern Available Now

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holidays. We had a lovely time although I didn’t have a complete break as I had a pattern in testing.

Small Fry Cover Image Both Sizes

I am incredibly happy to share today that the full ‘Small Fry Skinny Jeans’ pattern is now available to purchase. I have been looking forward to today for a very long time. Read on for more details or head straight to the bottom of the post to get a discount code. I had a fantastic group of testers who worked really hard over the holidays to help me to improve the pattern. I would like to say a huge thank you to them for their support. I am excited to share some of the their versions with you next week. Until then here are some photos of a few of the last pair I made for Casper. For this pair I chose the options that give a more classic jeans style – inset pockets, topstitched waistband and zip fly. I also added rivets and a jeans button.


Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern by Titchy Threads

The full size range covers from 0-3 months right up to 12 years old. Although the final look is very similar for all of the ages the pattern pieces of the two groups are very different. The smaller sizes have more ease included to allow for disposable or cloth diapers. Also, the very smallest sizes have even more ease to make it easier to dress a small baby. This means that the fit for 0-3 months up to 6-12 months is not truly skinny. Whichever size you are making it is really important to compare your child’s measurements to the size chart.

The pattern includes the standard file that prints on both A4 and Letter size paper. Each size range also comes with a separate ‘Print shop’ file. You can take this to a print shop and get it printed on a large sheet (A0 for large sizes, A1 for small sizes) to remove the need to cut (or fold) and tape you pattern together. Two of my testers had these printed and the cost was less than $4 per file.

I have made some slight changes to the construction since I did the sew along for the free 2T pattern. The fit is now slimmer, there are more options and several of the seams are flat felled seams. Using this seam method along with topstitching thread gives your jeans a really professional look. You can see all of the options included below.

Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern Options

The pattern is now available from my website here. The regular price to buy each of the age ranges individually is £6 ($10) or get both sizes for the bundled price of £9 ($15). Also, to celebrate the release after several months of work you can get a 20% discount on all purchases using the code HAPPY20. This code is valid until this Sunday night (12th Jan).

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The 12 Days of Christmas: Flickr Round Up

Today we are sharing some of the wonderful outfits from ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ sew along. It looks like there will be a lot of well dressed children on Christmas Day.

Thanks very much to all the sewers who added their creations to our The 12 Days of Christmas flickr group.  There are certainly some lovely festive outfits as you can see! 

From left to right, top to bottom:

Thanks guys! All that remains is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
- Laura and Suz.

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The 12 Days of Christmas: Guest Round-up

Hello everyone. I can’t believe how fast Christmas Day is approaching. I’m sure you’ll agree that ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ has been a fantastic way to build up to the big day. We have visited several different countries and learned more about the different traditions everyone follows around the world. It has certainly made me think about whether there are any more traditions I would like to start in my family. Every single guest impressed me with their sewing and creativity and that is even more noticeable when you look at all of the outfits side by side.

Craftstorming Guests

Below you can see all of the amazing outfits that were featured on Craftstorming at a glance. You can click on each image to go directly to the post.

A Merry Reindeer Sewing Like Mad Simple Simon Modern Handmade doguincho Hungie Gungie Welcome to the Mouse House Counterpane Crafts Heidi and Finn Straightgrain S is for Sewing Groovybaby and Mama

Sewpony Guests

In the next image you can see all of Suz’s wonderful guests. Again, you can click on each image to be taken to the post.

sewpony nest full of eggs La Gang à Nat LBG Studio Frances Suzanne Compagnie M Kid Approved While she was sleeping Lollipop Garden Crafts Behind the hedgerow Behind the hedgerow petit à petit and family Things for boys

Also, if you would like to replicate that amazing origami collar that Suz made then you’re in luck as she has written a tutorial for you.

If you’d like to go and visit some of our guests’ blogs then you can click on the names below to be taken straight to each blog.

craftstorming sewpony sewing like mad nest full of eggs simple simon la gang à nat modern homemade lbg studio frances suzanne do guincho hungie gungie kid approved welcome to the mouse house while she was sleeping counterpane compagnie m heidi and finn lollipop garden crafts straightgrain behind the hedgerow s is for sewing petit à petit and family Groovy Baby and Mama things for boys

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the guests that took part for the time and effort they put into all their outfits. Suz and I will return on Thursday to show you some of the wonderful creations in ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ Flickr group. There’s still time to add yours if you’ve been sewing for your children and you don’t need to have a blog to join in. See you on Thursday then!

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The 12 Days of Christmas: Groovybaby and Mama

It is the last day of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ and I hope you’ve all enjoyed following along. We have seen some pretty amazing outfits throughout the series and heard about traditions all over the world.

My final guest is one of my favourite bloggers, Trine from Groovybaby…. and Mama. Everything she makes is so effortlessly stylish and cool. I first discovered Trine’s blog because of the amazing things she sews for her sons but she also makes stunning garments for her daughters and herself. If you haven’t visited before the you’re in for a treat. Read on first though to find out about the beautiful outfit Trine is sharing today.


Hello everyone – or ‘Hej med Jer’, as we say in Danish. I’m so glad to be a part of Laura and Suz’ series. Have you seen all of the amazing outfits that have been presented on their blogs since Dec 1? There are going to be a lot of beautifully dressed kids this Christmas.

For this series I’ve chosen to sew an outfit for my youngest, Wilma age 6. Not that she needs any new clothes. She has A LOT of dresses, but I just can’t help myself – I love sewing dresses. I might sew some new pants for my sons as well….or just more dresses!!! It’s an obsession, I know. But I get the feeling that a lot of you lovely blog ladies know what I’m talking about, right?!

Wilma’s new Christmas dress is made with this tiny checkered navy blue and black lightweight cotton fabric. The bodice is fully lined. Besides from the cotton fabric the skirt part also has one layer of soft navy blue tulle. And of course the gold colored piping.

For this dress I’ve used the gorgeous Roma Pattern from French ‘C’est Dimanche‘. Do check out all of the amazing patterns from this designer!

I’ve altered the pattern a little bit. I wanted a more fitted version of the dress so I went down a size for Wilma, who, according to the charts, should fit a size 8 (she’s rather tall for her age – 128 cm). I lengthened the bodice and skirt a bit. I also took in the bodice by tapering from armhole to waist. And then I added a zipper to the back instead of buttons. I’m just not friends with my sewing machine when it comes to making button holes!

Unfortunately Wilma broke her little wrist a week ago, so the cosy cardi both warms her shoulders and hides the not so elegant cast which hopefully will come off on Dec 23. She needs both her hands for giftpaper ripping!! The oh so soft fabric for the cardi is wool on the outside and some sort of sweatshirt fleece on the inside. Just lovely. The cardi is based on this my new favorite sweatshirt pattern – the Attaka by Kleinformat.




Ooh, pockets!

In Denmark we celebrate Christmas on Dec 24 in the evening. After eating dinner it’s time for some rocking around the Christmas tree and then gift opening. This year we’re going to spend Christmas eve with my in-laws. On the 25th we just stay at home and enjoy our gifts.

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is when we go hunting for our Christmas tree. We ususally visit this large tree plantation near by. We park our cars in the lot and begin our adventurous journey. By tractor and trailer we are transported deep into the woods (or at least 100 m or so;-) to a ‘secret’ path. If we keep our eyes open and listen very carefully we might see some of Santa’s elfs playing hide and seek between the trees. Not only does the path take us to all of these amazing Christmas trees of which we have to choose and cut down our favorite – we also pass by Santa’s cabin. And Santa himself is right there in front of his cabin greeting us and giving small bags of goodies to the kids! When we’ve chosen and cut our tree we go back to the main house of the plantation where we treat ourselves with coffee, hot chocolate and cookies. Such a wonderful day!

Laura and Suz – thank you so much for inviting me and merry Christmas to all you from Wilma, me and the rest of our family.

Santa, is that you?


This whole outfit is amazing Trine and, as usual, you have added some lovely details! Wilma looks so beautiful in the dress and I’d love that cardigan in my size. I do hope her cast is off before Christmas Eve. Your day out hunting for a Christmas sounds magical, I wish there were something like that here. Thank you so much for joining the series today.

Suz’s final guest is another very good friend of mine, Abby from Things for Boys. Click on the button below to see what she’s made today.


Suz and I will be back next week. On Monday we will do a round-up of all of the outfits our wonderful guests have sewn. Then on Thursday we will be back to show off some of the amazing clothes we have seen in the Flickr pool, so don’t forget to add your photos too!

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve drummers drumming,
Eleven pipers piping,
Ten lords a-leaping,
Nine ladies dancing,
Eight maids a-milking,
Seven swans a-swimming,
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree!

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