Rowan Tee Pattern Tour: Day 3

We’re on day 3 already and today I’ve got guests from Europe, America and Australia.

Magda from House of Estrela was one of the testers for the Rowan Tee. I love Madga’s commitment to upcycling and she even hosts a great series on refashioning, if you’re looking for ideas. Magda finds some incredible T-shirts to use and sews for herself and her two young children. Apparently Magda already has a few Rowan Tees already cut out and I love the fun colours of this one she is sharing today.

Rowan Tee by House of Estrela

Brooke from Oliver’s Fancy was also a tester for the Rowan Tee. I’ve been so impressed by everything Brooke has sewing for herself lately and she also makes amazing clothes for her two boys (check out this year’s Halloween costumes!). I think today’s T-shirt shows you Brooke’s knack for picking out the best fabric.

Rowan Tee by Brooke of Oliver's Fancy

My last guest today is my good friend Abby from Things for Boys. If you haven’t read Abby’s blog before then prepare to be inspired. Abby also has two boys and sews for them and herself. She has a great Sewing 101 series and also writes about knitting, crafts, cleaning and recipes (which reminds me, I must try this one!). I absolutely love the way Abby referenced the colours in the sunglasses in her shoulder stripes – you can read more about it here.

Rowan Tee by Abby from things for boys

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Rowan Tee Pattern Tour: Day 2

My first guest on day 2 of the tour is my good friend Stephanie from The Crafty Kitty. I met Stephanie in person when we both attended Blogtacular earlier this year. She creates some adorable tutorials (how cute are these welly liners) and I have a lot of respect for her commitment to only using organic fabrics. She has taken inspiration from one of her son’s favourite books to make him this incredible hooded T-shirt. Can you guess what book it is? You’ll have to head over to her post to find out!

Rowan Tee by Stephanie from The Crafty Kitty

My second guest is Naii from diario de naii, who lives in Spain and sews amazing clothes for her whole family and uses a lot of knit fabrics. I first discovered Naii’s blog during the latest Kids Clothes Week, which was only a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure she’d want to join in at such late notice but lucky for me she did and she has made not one but two T-shirts. Just look at that decorative top stitching, such a fun addition. You can read more about Naii’s T-shirts here.


Finally we have Toni-Maree, a great friend of mine. I’ve managed to bring her out of blog retirement for this post. Her blog is called Sew Jereli, where she writes about sewing for her two boy and herself. She was such a great help during testing and always finds really unusual T-shirts to upcycle. I hear there might be more than one T-shirt to see in today’s post and can’t wait to see what Toni-Maree has made.

Rowan Tee by Sew Jereli

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Rowan Tee Pattern Tour: Day 1

Hello. I am so excited to kick off the Rowan Tee pattern tour. Over the next two weeks some of my favourite blogging friends will be bringing you their versions of the pattern. Follow along to see just how versatile this pattern really is.

Rowan Tee Pattern Tour Guests

You will also spot at the bottom of the graphic that you can head here to get an exclusive discount over the next couple of weeks.

Today’s tour features 3 bloggers who are experiencing warmer climates at the moment, so expect to see some summery versions. It’s also a good day for the boys.

My first guest is the lovely and super talented Carla from Small + Friendly. She makes the coolest clothes for her two boys and she writes about a lot of other subjects. I also really enjoy reading her musings on motherhood, her positive attitude can be so motivational and you come away from her blog feeling like you’ve just visited a good friend. I adore the colour and print combination Carla has used her Rowan Tee, head over to her blog to find out more.

Rowan Tee by Carla from small+friendly

Next is Renee from Nearest the Pin. Renee lives in Australia. She sews stunning clothes for her daughter, her son and herself. Everything Renee sews looks so well made and she has great taste in fabric – I always love the colours and prints she chooses. Renee chose to sew a short sleeved T-shirt with a hood and chest pocket, which you can read about here. I keep meaning to make this combination for my sons – it’s perfect for summer but also great for layering in colder weather.

Rowan Tee by Renee from Nearest the pin

My last guest is another Australian, the lovely Natalie from sew outnumbered. Natalie has tested a few of my patterns (she wrote about them here and here) and is so thorough and helpful! She sews for her two young sons and has also ventured into sewing for herself and her husband recently. Natalie always manages to find really fun fabric for her boys and today’s T-shirt is no exception. The shoulder stripe is such a perfect way to add some contrast. Head over to Natalie’s blog to get all the details.

sew outnumbered

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How To: Decorate Pudsey Cookies

Pudsey Cookies Step by Step Tutorial

Today I am going to show you how to decorate Pudsey Cookies. For those of you who are not sure who Pudsey is, he is the mascot of an annual fundraising event run by the BBC called Children in Need. It has raised over £600 million since 1980 and includes an annual telethon.

Children in Need Logo

It’s very common for schools to run bake sales to raise money and these cookies will be a very popular donation. This year the event takes place on the 14th of November, so you have just over a week to make these.


– bear shaped cookie cutter (this is the set I have)
– cookie dough from your favourite sugar cookie recipe
– royal icing
– edible food colours (yellow, red, green, blue and black)
– piping nozzles and bags


Make sure you chill the dough before you roll it out. I also chill the cookies after cutting them and before baking. This helps to stop them spreading as they bake.

Bake your cookies and allow them to cool. While they are cooling prepare your royal icing. You will need at least half of your icing to be yellow, with small amounts of white, red, green, blue and black. Once everything is ready the decorating can begin.


Make your royal icing the day before. This will give any air bubbles a chance to rise to the surface. Leave in a large bowl and cover well with some cling film touching the top of the icing to prevent it drying out.

Add the colour before you blend the icing to the right consistency. I prefer to use concentrated paste colours.

To get the right consistency add a tiny bit of water at a time. I aim to have it thick enough to pipe the outline but thin enough to use as the filling as well. This saves time and prevents a noticeable outline when the cookies are finished.


Pudsey Tutorial steps 1 to 4

1. Take a bear cookie and outline with yellow icing. I like to use a size 2 nozzle for this. 2. Use the same icing to fill the cookie straight away. Make sure to keep the tip of the nozzle down in the icing, this helps to prevent air bubbles. 3. Continue until the outline is all filled in – take care not to overfill otherwise the icing will start to flow over the sides. 4. Leave the cookie to dry.

Pudsey tutorial steps 5 to 8

Before you begin make sure you have your white, red, blue and green icing ready to go.

5. Outline Pudsey’s scarf with white icing. 6. Fill the outline in straight away with white icing. Don’t fill quite to the top as when you add the other colours the icing might overflow. 7. Immediately add small dots of the red, blue and green icing. Hold the nozzle vertically and use a gentle pressure. 8, Add any other details you would like using the white icing. Leave to dry.

Pudsey Tutorial step 9

9. Use black icing with a very fine nozzle or a black edible writing pen to add the final details.

Your cookies are now ready. Package them up and help raise some money for Children in Need.

Pudsey Cookies

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Rowan Tee Testers

In case you missed it, I released a new pattern a couple of weeks ago – the Rowan Tee. New patterns take a lot of work, and not just by myself. I always make sure that each size is made by at least two testers, and each pattern usually has two (or more) rounds of testing.

So I’d like to thank the lovely ladies below for testing for me and share some of their amazing creations. I have split them into regular, hoods and stripes but there is some overlap as you can mix-and-match any of the options. As you can see there are quite a lot, so I hope I got all the right names and pictures!

Regular Tees

Row 1 – Brooke (Oliver’s Fancy)Crystal (Stitched by Crystal), Leah, Alison

Row 2 – Karly (Paisley Roots)Sara, Toni-Maree, Candy

Row 3 – Erin (TheBugsBitBoutique)Fay (Fay and Riley)Natalie (Sew Outnumbered)Rita (Conversas De Hermanas)

Regular Tee


Row 1 –  Jacq (Begin with B)Clara Belle (Clara Belle Couture), Gemia (Phat Quarters)Maartje (Huisje Boompje Boefjes)

Row 2 – Kate, Kerry (Sutures & Sandpaper), Inês (La Folie), Emilia (sewthatblog)

Row 3 – Fatima (Conversas De Hermanas), Karly (Paisley Roots), Natalie (Sew Outnumbered), Alicia (Playground Pixie Designs)



Row 1 – Brooke (Oliver’s Fancy), Maria (My Cozy Co), Kate, Kerry (Sutures & Sandpaper)

Row 2 – Crystal (Stitched by Crystal), Sara, Maartje (Huisje Boompje Boefjes), Leah

Row 3 – Fatima (Conversas De Hermanas), Karly (Paisley Roots), Tone (Bless by Tone), Stephanie


Also thanks to the following testers (not pictured): Casey, Magda (House of Estrella), Angela, Kim, Ingrid and Ashley.

And if that isn’t enough Rowan Tees – there will be a pattern tour starting next Monday featuring an all-star blogging line-up. More details to follow!




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Rowan Tee Now Available

Rowan Tee Pattern by Titchy Threads

The Rowan Tee is available and in the shop now. It has taken several months work and a lot of help from my amazing group of testers but I think it’s been worth it. I plan to share some of their T-shirts in a post later this week.

The three views in the diagram below give some example combinations. I think my favourite is view C and I would love to make one like that for me!

Rowan Tee Options

The options included are:

  • 2 different necklines – regular neckline or 3 part hood with stripe
  • 2 different sleeve lengths – short or long sleeves
  • 2 different sleeve finishes – regular hem or cuffed sleeves
  • 2 different body finishes – regular hem or cuffed hem
  • 3 different shoulder / sleeve options – regular shoulder, a shoulder stripe or a full arm stripe
  • 3 different pockets options – no pocket, a chest patch pocket or a kangaroo pocket

You can mix and match all the options to get a total of 144 different combinations. To celebrate this the pattern is available at a reduced of $8.50 for the next 144 hours (or 6 days). So what are you waiting for?

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Get ready for the Rowan Tee

I’m very pleased to announce that my new pattern, the Rowan Tee, will be released this Monday! is now available here in my Titchy Threads shop.

Rowan Tee - Squirrels

I first drafted this pattern as a slim fit tee with a slightly wider than normal neck back in May. Since then I’ve made quite a few different t-shirts, fine tuned the fit and added more options, including a hood and a kangaroo pocket.

Rowan Tee - Rainbow

Recently I have been working hard to finish it and would like to thank my amazing testers for all their hard work testing the many options and providing feedback.

Rowan Tee Options

The options included are:

  • 2 different necklines – regular neckline or 3 part hood with stripe
  • 2 different sleeve lengths – short or long sleeves
  • 2 different sleeve finishes – regular hem or cuffed sleeves
  • 2 different body finishes – regular hem or cuffed hem
  • 3 different shoulder / sleeve options – regular shoulder, a shoulder stripe or a full arm stripe
  • 3 different pockets options – no pocket, a chest patch pocket or a kangaroo pocket

Which makes a total of 144 combinations! Because of this, the pattern will be available at a reduced price for the first 144 hours.


So please check back on Monday for all the details.


In other exciting news, I’ve recently become a contributor to a new sewing magazine in the UK called Love Sewing. My Fancy Pants Leggings are featured in Issue 6. Rowan loved seeing himself in a real magazine, although it did make Casper rather jealous.


I’ve got a few more projects coming up in future issues – some previously blogged and some not. It’s a really great magazine so if you are in the UK make sure you pick up a copy.




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Twisted Tank Pattern Released

I’m very pleased to announce that the new PDF pattern I revealed in the Sewing for Kindergarten series has just been released on my website.

The Twisted Tank has no side seams as they have twisted round to become front and back diagonal seams. The pocket is also (optionally) colour blocked and the angle of the diagonal seam matches the angle on the tank. It is designed so the colour at the top comes down to a perfect V at the bottom of the hem on one side.

Twisted Tank Cover

This pattern is suitable for a confident beginner. It provides a great introduction to sewing with knit fabrics.

This tank is perfect on its own for warm spring days or as a base layer as we move into autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Twisted Tank

The Twisted Tank pattern covers a wide range of sizes – from 0-3 months to 12 years.

Twisted Tank Sketch

Like all our patterns it comes with:

* A very detailed step by step tutorial with colour photos.
* Nested pattern pieces with the ability to only print the size(s) you want, print in black and white and on Letter or A4 paper.
* Additional A0 print shop file.
* Fabric requirements, metric and imperial measurements, cheat sheet and tips.

Twisted Tank

The 20% discount code from the Flip This Pattern Showcase is still valid until the 20th September, so this is the perfect time to buy. Just enter SHOWCASE on the checkout page.

Click here to view the listing on Titchy Threads.

I hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed designing it. Don’t forget to share any you make in the Flickr group.






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Sewing for Kindergarten

Sewing for Kindergarten

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted any sewing here but I’m excited to be joining the Sewing for Kindergarten series today, organised by the lovely and talented Mie of Sewing Like Mad.

So you may be wondering what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks months. Apart from enjoying the summer holidays with my family I’ve also been working hard on several patterns. Today is the first time I have shared two of those patterns and I am also showing some more of the options that will come with the Rowan Tee. Casper has to wear uniform to school so I chose to make him to comfortable clothes to change into when he comes home. First I will share the outfit and then further down the post are my answers to a few questions that Mie asked everyone who took part in the series.

The first pattern I am revealing is the Twisted Tank.

Twisted Tank

We actually call them vests in England but twisted vest doesn’t sound as good. If you follow Mie’s blog then you’ll know that she’s the queen of colour blocking and I have a feeling she is going to like this pattern. There are no side seams as they have twisted round to become front and back diagonal seams. The pocket is also colour blocked and the angle of the diagonal seam matches the angle on the tank.

Twisted Tank pocket

It’s designed so the colour at the top (purple here) comes down to a v at the bottom of the hem, as shown below by Casper. This pattern will be available in my Titchy Threads shop some time next week.

Twisted Tank side view

We use vests a lot in winter as an extra layer and I plan to make a few more of these for Casper to wear under his uniform. The red jersey is from Dots n Stripes (found here) and I think the purple is from Tissu fabrics. The red one has spandex in and is a nicer quality.

Twisted Trousers

The trousers are another new pattern, called the Twisted Trousers. This time the twist is symmetrical – the side seams twist round to the front and the inseam twists round to the back. It’s a subtle detail that adds a bit of interest.

Twisted Trousers - front Twisted Trousers - back

I chose to add some purple piping to the side seams to highlight the twist and to ensure that they get more wear from Casper, as purple is his favourite colour. I even found some purple rivets, which I absolutely love and may be more excited about than Casper. I found them here and plan to get some of the other colours soon.

I had fun playing with the pockets and made one of the back pockets into a sort of double pocket, with an extra diagonal pocket on top of the regular pocket. I think it would need some snaps to make it functional but I love how it looks. I also twisted the angle of the coin pocket.

Twisted Trousers back pockets

Twisted Trousers - twisted coin pocket

The waistband is a comfortable stretch waistband with drawstring. I’ve ordered some purple twill tape so will be replacing the grey tape show here when that arrives. Casper thought they were really comfortable and wanted to carry on wearing them even after we had finished taking photos. On a side note – when the kids are at school and have after school clubs 4 times a week it can be difficult to find time to take blog photos.

Twisted Trousers - waistband

I bought the corduroy a long time ago from Fabricland. They told me it would get softer with each wash but it hasn’t. It’s a nice weight for trousers though.

Rowan Tee

Finally we have the Rowan Tee, which I’ve already shared here and here. I got the blue bunnies fabric from Spoonflower (on free delivery day) as rabbits are Casper’s favourite animal. It’s the modern jersey and I’m impressed with the quality and softness of it (although it doesn’t seem to be available at the moment). This T-shirt hasn’t been washed much yet so I don’t know how well the colours hold up on this fabric type.

Rowan Tee - hood

This T-shirt has stripes running down both arms and a hood with a matching strip. When the fabric arrived I asked Casper what he’d like me to make with it and he asked for a hooded T-shirt so he’s happy with it.  I lined the hood with a light grey jersey and finished the front edge with some light blue twill tape.

Rowan Tee - hood stripe

The hood is a bit larger than normal so Casper can wear it comfortably as he’s got quite a large head.

Rowan Tee - back view

Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten / school?

Yes. Casper is my eldest child. We live in England and he actually started school a year ago but if we lived in America then he would be starting Kindergarten now. Children are 4 when they start school here and the first year is called reception year. We were very lucky that Casper had an amazing teacher last year and settled in really well. After a few nerves this year he is now enjoying year 1 as well.

Do you feel like crying or celebrating?

Both. Celebrating because Casper is ready for this but crying because it’s another milestone that has passed – and because we have to get up early every day now (I am not a morning person).

And what about your child?

Casper has always been very shy so I was very relieved when he went to school happily and didn’t even get upset leaving us on his first day. He has made lots of friends and really enjoys the challenges that school provides.

What type of school (public, private, homeschool) will your child attend?

It is a state school, which means it is free. In England it’s a bit confusing because a public school is a fee paying school. Make sense? No, it doesn’t to me either.

What was your own first day of school like (if you remember ;-)?

I don’t remember my first day but one of my earliest memories is of being deliberately naughty at my first school. Fortunately we moved area when I was 6 and my behaviour improved after that.

This is the last day of Sewing for Kindergarten but make sure to check out some of the other guests’ posts if you are looking for some more inspiration. When I take part in blog series I normally sign up for the latest day possible and this time I ended up sharing the date with my good friend Celina. If her post today is anything like last year’s then you’ll definitely want take a look.

SFK 14 Participants

Thank you Mie for inviting me to take part today!

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September News – Including Sale

This time next week, my Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern is going to be featured in the Flip This Pattern: September Showcase series.

This time it is different to usual – one upcoming indie designer is being featured each day and having one of their patterns remixed by three talented bloggers. My turn is on the 16th September, but there’s loads to see before then.

September Showcase


During the series all ten designers are also offering discounts on their patterns! I’m offering 20% off all patterns in my shop with the code SHOWCASE. The sale lasts until midnight PDT on the 20th September 2014.

There is also a linky party and prizes to be won, so head on over to find out more.

Hawthorn Zip-up Sweatshirt

The Hawthorn Zip-up Sweatshirt pattern that I originally released for Willow & Co has come home to my shop this week.

It is the perfect pattern for either Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere or Spring in the Southern so there is no better time to buy it with the 20% SHOWCASE discount.

Hawthorn Detail by Probably Actually

Hawthorn made by Probably Actually

Also on at the moment is a wonderful series called Sewing for Kindergarten by my good friend Mie at Sewing Like Mad. I’m taking part on September 12th. I will be showing new options on the upcoming Rowan Tee and also sharing two new patterns I am working on.

Here is the full line-up:

SFK 14 Participants

Finally, the sewing contest winners were announced at Willow and Co. We were so pleased to see 80 entries sewn! Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that took part. You can see all the entries here.


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