Jeune twin set

May 11, 2018

Jeune twin set

Today I am sharing my version of the Jeune twin set, the latest pattern released by the talented Suz from Sewpony. I was inspired to join the blog tour for this pattern as soon as I saw this Little Town fabric, designed by Joanne Cocker for Dashwood Studio. The collection is called Life’s Journey and it was hard to resist buying all of the prints. The simple shape of the houses gave me the idea of adding triangular flaps to the pocket, with extra buttons to give the option to have them folded up or down.

Jeune twin set side view

When I finished the skirt I wasn’t sure whether the house pockets worked, the flaps seemed a bit floppy when they were held up. They look a lot better when the skirt is worn but I think you can see what I mean. Willow was really happy with them though so that is all that matters, and the extra buttons could always be removed.

Jeune twin set side pocket

Jeune twin set jumping

Apart from the Little Town print, all the other fabrics used in this set are Cirrus solids by Cloud 9 fabrics. This was my first time using these fabrics and I wasn’t sure of the weight but it is similar to chambray. They are made by cross weaving two similar tones together, which gives them a subtle depth and texture. I used denim, blush, rain, sprout and ash. I tried to pick colours that matched those in the Little Town print. All of the fabrics were from M is for Make, one of my favourite shops in the UK for woven fabrics. I also used the blush as the reverse for the top.

Jeune twin set reversible top

This is also my first time using a Sewpony pattern and it was well drafted and very easy to follow. It includes a sweet dolman style top with a couple of collar options, and a skirt with a paperbag waist and large pockets. The top can be reversible if you use snaps. I went with a mix of colours for the house fabric, and light grey snaps against the pale pink reverse. I like both sides with the skirt, and reversible tops are always useful for messy eaters! In case you think the top doesn’t sit nicely, Willow was pulling it up at the front while I took this photo.

Jeune top back view

Willow’s measurements put her in the smallest size for both the top and skirt. Next time I make this pattern again I will add some length to both the top and the skirt, just so they will be used for longer. For the top, Suz does suggest adding some length for toddler bellies, I had just underestimated my toddler’s belly.

Jeune twin set walking

This is the final day of the tour, so you can check Suz’s blog for a round up of all the lovely Jeune sets. You can get a 10% discount on the pattern with the code JEUNETOUR – this is valid fron May 2nd to May 12th. Also, the pattern is available in English as well as Dutch. Visit Angie Burgett and Bel’Etoile for their stops on the tour today. Thank you Suz for having me on the tour!

Jeune twin set


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