Ghetto Blaster Sweatpants

Ghetto Blaster Sweaterpants 1

Last week I struck gold at the thrift shop and found this amazing grey hoodie with a ghetto blaster / industrial print on it. It’s so soft on the inside and only cost £4 – sometimes even poor quality well worn T-shirts can be double that! I was planning to use it to make some trousers for Casper – in many ways I prefer sewing for him because I know it will get more wear, by him now and then Rowan later. Then during KCWC I spotted a few pairs of sweatpants made from the sleeves of an adult jumper and realised I’d be able to get not one, but two pairs, out of that one hoodie. Bonus.

Ghetto Blaster Hoodie

I referred to this tutorial to see how to cut the sleeves, worked out they’d be just long enough for a pair for Casper and dived in. Normally I’ll check and check, then procrastinate a bit longer, before finally cutting into the fabric. Last night I just let that go, measured out and cut straight away. I found that happened last time during KCWC too, I should really try and keep it going afterwards as it was a lot of fun. I got into a bit of a sewing groove and felt like I could just keep going all night. Common sense won at 1am but I definitely made up for a slow start to the week. I started Rowan’s pair too but ran out of thread just after I (triple stitch) top stitched one of the pockets so need to work out what to do with the second pocket tonight.

Ghetto Blaster Sweatpants Collage

The sleeves to sweatpants technique worked out well despite the fact that I forgot to add any seam allowance when I traced round another pair of trousers. Fortunately that pair is a bit too big so I ended up with a pair of sweatpants that fit Casper really well. I kept the original sleeve ribbing for the ankle cuffs and used chose lime green ribbing for a wide waistband, everyone needs a bit of lime green in their wardrobe.

Lime green waistband and belly

Casper absolutely loves them and said “they’re so soft, can I wear them everyday forever?” You can’t ask for a better reaction than that really. It’s such a quick, easy and enjoyable way to make some cosy pair of sweatpants that are perfect for mucking about in. I could get quite addicted to making these – my husband has been warned to lock up all of his hoodies.

Ghetto Blaster Sweatpants in action

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18 Responses to Ghetto Blaster Sweatpants

  1. Oh wow what a find! Love everything, especially the neon waistband. Great photos too.

  2. abby says:

    That’s cool! I’ve used shirt sleeves to make shorts, but never thought to use knit sleeves for stuff!

    • Laura says:

      Oooh, shirt sleeves for shorts is a great idea too. Friends and family might find there is a mysterious sleeve thief about soon. Not sure how I’d explain it when they saw the clothes though.

  3. Stacey says:

    Oh, I love them! Especially the lime green waistband. I need to get some lime green ribbing. I’m loving the fact that using the pre-existing sleeves eliminates the extra cuff sewing. I have some waffle knit ghetto blaster that is awaiting raglan sleeve status but won’t make it in time for KCWC. If only our boys knew how hip they are!

    • Laura says:

      Thanks Stacey, I have a slight addiction to ribbing in all colours of the rainbow. Adds such a fun touch to the boys’ clothes though. Less cuff sewing is an added bonus.

  4. Cherie says:

    Haha – this is so awesome!!! I need to go thrifting more often . . .

  5. Hilary. ( Laura's Mum) says:

    “Second hand Rose” lives on ! Very clever use of a hoody. Love Casper’s hair cut. He looks so grown up.

  6. Carla says:

    I love them! What a great score on that cute print! These sweats are totally addictive, I love making things that I don’t have to worry about getting “messed up”. The neon waistband is brilliant!

  7. Inder says:

    Oh, these are so excruciatingly hip! Does he even know what a ghetto blaster is? But who cares when they are super soft and comfy, right? I love that you just used the sleeves, too – that leaves lots of soft knit leftover for another project, right? What about a hoodie vest? … This is all making me think of break dancing for some reason. :-)

    • Laura says:

      I did explain what they were but I’m not sure he’ll ever actually see one. Perhaps in a museum one day. I love your idea for the hoodie vest but I’d already turned it into some trousers for Rowan. I still have to hood left to use though. Rowan even looked like he was pulling a few break dancing moves in his pair.

  8. Heidi Jo says:

    They turned out great! Gosh, you really scored with that awesome sweatshirt. I can never find fun sweatshirt prints like that at the thrift store! So fun!

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