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June 16, 2013

This is a different topic from my usual posts but I think it’s an important one. Like most people I have a lot information saved on my computer – a lot of photos (I am terrible at editing), videos, music, patterns I’ve bought, my own patterns I am working on and much more besides. It is so important to me to know that all of that is backed up should my computer fail for any reason.

In addition to that it is essential that I am able to access files from different computers and also share them with my husband. Until recently we had been using Google Drive at my house but it hadn’t been very reliable for file sharing. We continued using it though as, until recently, we couldn’t find any other service that offered an affordable option for us for the amount of space we need.

We recently set up a free account at Copy and it has been so much better for us. It has only been available since March so you might not be aware of it. It’s basically the same as Dropbox or Google Drive – you install an application on each computer, phone or tablet that you own and any files in your “copy” folder are automatically synced between all your devices and the cloud (backed up on their servers). Supported platforms are Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone. However, compared to Dropbox you get a minimum of 10 times more space for free. At the moment you get 15GB free and you can get 5GB more if you click my referral link – https://copy.com?r=7vtKRe. You can then get +5GB for every extra person you refer, even if they only sign up for the free version! It’s been really easy to set up and the file sharing hasn’t failed us so if you’re not happy with your current service or don’t even have one then it’s definitely worth a try.


Disclaimer: I haven’t been asked or paid by Copy to write this post but I will get 5GB more space for everyone that signs up after clicking the referral link included above.


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