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Chocolate Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Well this is my last post for the ‘A Very Cookie Christmas’ series. My final cookie is a fantastic alternative to Christmas Pudding for the big day, though the ice cream does still contain crumbled up pieces of Christmas Pudding. … Continue reading

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Easter Egg Hunt Ice Cream with Marzipan Truffle Eggs

When it comes to ice cream I prefer something with lots of extras mixed in or toppings on, er, top. I once went to a Sweet Tomato restaurant in the US where you were able to serve your own ice … Continue reading

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Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Cookie Dough

I love eating raw cookie dough, cake mix too. Sometimes it can be difficult to resist eating it all before it goes in the oven. It hasn’t quite got to the stage where I make something just to eat it … Continue reading

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