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Moustache Macaron Pops

We are over half way through November and anyone participating in Movember should have a ‘tache to be proud of by now. I felt like I was missing out, with my lack of facial hair, so made some moustache macarons … Continue reading

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Sew Yummy: Marimekko-roons

I have made a few macaron puns in my time – Macarunes, Quackaroons and Makka-Pakka-Roons have all featured on this blog. For a while it seemed like everywhere I turned a new macaron pun would present itself to me. When … Continue reading

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12 Tips for Perfect Macaron Feet Guaranteed

I have made quite a few batches of macarons now and thought it would be helpful to share some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way. I also share an extra little trick at the bottom of the … Continue reading

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Quackaroons and pond cupcakes

I have been thinking about making some duck macarons for a while but as soon as the name of these popped into my head they waddled quickly to the top of my list. It also gave me the perfect opportunity … Continue reading

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Carrot macarons with Carrot Cake Ganache

I made some more two tone Easter macarons – carrots this time. They are filled with a carrot cake inspired ganache so they actually taste like carrots too. The recipe is included below although it is still in development stage. … Continue reading

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Fried Egg Macarons

It’s been a while since I last made macarons but with Easter approaching I thought it would be fitting to make some egg macarons. I thought about making some in the style of chocolate Easter eggs but I have wanted … Continue reading

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Macar-unes: number one macarons

Rowan turned one last week and we had a family party to celebrate today. I really enjoy hosting parties but I always get slightly stressed and perhaps a bit over ambitious about the food. It didn’t help that I also … Continue reading

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Makka-Pakka-Roons with Iggle Piggle and the Tombliboos too

When I was thinking about writing this post I realised that In The Night Garden (warning – link plays sound) is probably my most watched programme over the last few years. If you’re not familiar with it then it you … Continue reading

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Gingerbread Man Macarons

Since I made my Christmas Pudding macarons I have had so many other ideas for macarons. They are becoming a bit of an obsession. As Christmas is approaching I wanted to make these ones sooner rather than later. I have … Continue reading

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Christmas Pudding Macarons with Italian Meringue Brandy Buttercream

This was the first gift I made for the ‘Let’s Make Christmas’ UK food blogger event that I was lucky enough to attend last week. When I was thinking of ideas of what to make I was looking for an … Continue reading

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