Savoury Seedy Snaps

Savoury Seedy Snaps 1

I find myself snacking on too many sweet things this time of year and actually start craving savoury food. If you do the same then these Savoury Seedy Snaps that Abby has made today will be perfect. They would be delicious on their own or work well for dipping.

Savoury Seedy Snaps 2

We always have a selection of crackers and cheese to snack on in the evening on Christmas Day. I think these crackers would fit in very nicely. Head over to Abby’s post for the recipe.

A Very Cookie Christmas

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2 Responses to Savoury Seedy Snaps

  1. Gill Bland says:

    Oh nice, I’ve been on a savoury biscuit roll lately, so I’ll try these too. Cheers for flagging them up

  2. Thanks for sharing these, I am looking for lots of home made Xmas ideas and this will be one I make for the family. Love seedy crackers!

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