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Urban Duck Hoodie

I’ve taken Rowan to ‘Sing and Sign’ classes for a few months now and one of the first signs he learnt was duck. He still does it every time he spots a duck, so when I was browsing Etsy for … Continue reading

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Stripey Jersey Jim Jams

Today is the first day of ‘Kids Clothes Week Challenge’, hosted by the Elsie Marley blog, and I am amazed to find that I managed to complete an outfit already. Normally it takes days for one complete item to emerge … Continue reading

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To Market To Market for Treasure Pocket Pants

When my copy of the long awaited ‘Sewing for Boys‘ book first arrived, and I skimmed through it excitedly, this was one of my favourite items in there along with the Henry Shirt. What I love about both of them … Continue reading

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Homemade Art

I love seeing the photos and artwork that people have up around their homes. My husband is really into photography and has a decent camera and the skills to enhance his images with photo editing programs. However, as you can … Continue reading

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Carrot macarons with Carrot Cake Ganache

I made some more two tone Easter macarons – carrots this time. They are filled with a carrot cake inspired ganache so they actually taste like carrots too. The recipe is included below although it is still in development stage. … Continue reading

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Easter Egg Hunt Ice Cream with Marzipan Truffle Eggs

When it comes to ice cream I prefer something with lots of extras mixed in or toppings on, er, top. I once went to a Sweet Tomato restaurant in the US where you were able to serve your own ice … Continue reading

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Chick’s Easter Nest Cupcakes

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are all having a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing weekend. I made these Easter cupcakes with Casper earlier this week. I can remember making them with my mum when I was little and, as soon … Continue reading

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Fried Egg Macarons

It’s been a while since I last made macarons but with Easter approaching I thought it would be fitting to make some egg macarons. I thought about making some in the style of chocolate Easter eggs but I have wanted … Continue reading

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Chocolatier Starter Kit

  I gave two of these starter kits as gifts for Christmas and thought it might be helpful for others who are interested in learning how to temper chocolate and make chocolates at home. My brother and his wife had … Continue reading

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